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Due to high demand of classes and no-show, we are now requiring a $50 deposit to register.
Se requiere un deposito minimo de $50 por motivo de muchas cancelacione a ultimo minuto.


LTC Requirements:

Class A and FID, requires completion of a "Massachusetts-approved" Basic Firearms Safety Course. (our course)

-You must be age 21 years or older.
-You must be a U.S citizen, born or naturalized (birth certificate if U.S. born; if naturalized, MUST produce ORIGINAL naturalization certificate along with birth certificate from country you were born in.) or a permanent, legal resident alien with a valid permanent resident alien card with birth certificate from country you were born in.
-Proof of Residence


A Class A covers all firearms but NOT machine guns.

A FELONY conviction is an automatic lifetime disqualifier.

Certain misdemeanor convictions can also be lifetime 

LTC Class A in addition to a clean criminal record, there is the issue of "suitability."

If you are requesting a Class A for employment/business-owner purposes, you will also need to submit a signed request by your employer on company letterhead and/or produce evidence of being a bona fide business owner (i.e. city/state licenses-permits in the business-owner's name.)


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